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nickyinsideout - tips to pack - packing guide - suitcase packing nickyinsideout - tips to pack - packing guide - suitcase packing


I am already in Marrakech with my little family since Sunday and I´ve been super excited for this trip since in Amsterdam it’s been freezing and snowing! It’s finally time for some warm days for us ( YAY)!! But let’s go back to last weekend when I was getting ready for trip.. I want to share with you some tips to pack your luggage, since it’s something I love to do..

(I know, freaky!!)

I love packing, but maybe, when it comes to traveling, packing isn’t the most fun part for most people. Especially when you’re expected to pack all of your favourite outfits into one luggage or hand luggage even! I used to overpack my luggage with clothes I never wore in the end, just because I was scared I would not bring enough..


nickyinsideout - tips to pack - packing guide - suitcase packing


My first tips to pack are to exactly plan your outfits few days ahead and match clothes together to avoid bringing too much. I try to plan looks where I can switch accessories since shoes and bags are the pieces that keeps the most space and weight. Then I quickly try on the outfits and take a mirror screenshot so I remember exactly what goes with what. Then I keep all the screenshots ready day-by-day on my phone and that’s it, no outfit stress for the whole holiday!

Another of my tips to pack is is rolling your clothes, not folding them. I first place all the shoes, bags and bigger items at the bottom of my luggage, then fill in the spaces with the rolled clothes. It saves loads of space and for tidy freaks like me it keeps your luggage nice and organized. Finally, I try to always finish packing the day before so I have room for the last things I was going to forget! And that happens all the times!

If  you are thinking of travelling to Morocco in winter time, you can take some inspiration from what I packed. All the items are linked below and you can follow my Instagram to see all my daily outfits!

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    Great post! Good tips and btw love the clothes on the rack!


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    Evelyn, PathofPresence


    Really appreciate reading this. I thought I was the only one who dislikes packing, but apparently, there are others as well. You were right: most of the time I overpack. Your tips and hints will make my next trip much more at ease. Thanks!!


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    Rolling clothes… very good idea, I always sit down on my suitcase hihiiii great post !




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