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If you are like me, one coat is not enough to go through the cold days, all day, every day.. but there is a print I am never getting tired of, the check print coat. The coat is the centrepiece of our winter wardrobe. It’s the item we end up wearing the most during the winter season. So, why the xxx would we only wear one!

  nickyinsideout -check print coat - shopping - winter fashion  

The check print coat was already a big trend last spring but now it is coming back as a must have in our closets. Whether it is a stylish blazer or a winter coat, it got my attention already! I’d say, get at least one check print piece in your wardrobe because this season belongs to this pattern!

The thing I also love about a check print coat, it’s that it just looks amazing in any possible way. You can dress it up and down and you can easily combine it with anything else in your wardrobe. If you are wearing an evening look, it adds some sophistication, and if you wear it, like me, with sneakers, adds a touch of playfulness.

  nickyinsideout -check print coat - shopping - winter fashion   nickyinsideout -check print coat - shopping - winter fashion  

Don´t be afraid to invest in a proper check print coat because it is one of the most timeless and basic pieces you can have in your wardrobe. It will always find the way to come back as a big trend, so make space in your wardrobe and keep it there.

This is my favourite selection available to buy online at the moment:

Inside Out the Look:

Check print Coat: Asos | Berret: vintage | Knit: JOA | Necklace: By Alona | Bag: Gucci | Belt: Gucci |

Jeans: vintage Levi’s | Shoes: Converse x Comme des Garcons


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If you, like me, can’t bear the cold, you are in for the most snuggly coat of the season, the teddy coat!

The most oversized, the best.. and in general, a teddy coat is definitely one of the most desired piece available out there! I know, it looks quite massive, as it is about a size larger than a coat you would normally buy, but it looks so cool!

  nickyinsideout - teddy coat - winter fashion   nickyinsideout - teddy coat - winter fashion  

A teddy coat is not just a trendy piece, but also it keeps you warm and cosy. I love this trend as it is a great alternative to my other beloved classic coats. It’s easy to style and I love to combine it with neutral colours such as black, white or grey.

It´s a must have investment in your winter wardrobe!

Here is my selection of best teddy coats of this season, currently in stock:


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