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If you’ve followed me over the past year, especially on my Instagram, you’ll know that a good statement t-shirt is an easy but very big way of elevating any type of casual outfits. In particular a white statement t-shirt with red writing are proven to be especially popular, so much that I almost struggled to make a selection for you that wasn’t sold out.

My most recent buy is this Ganni ‘Love Society’ and it’s such a cult hit that I was very surprised I could still find it in my size.

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Obviously wearing a t-shirt is not something new in the world of fashion. However, the difference is in the slogans and self-expression statements. I have a number of them in my wardrobe from designer ones like Gucci and Isabel Marant to the 10$ Spice Girl and I really am so fond of all of them! They became my ‘comfort zone’ piece for any of my outfits!

During summer days I wore them with denim skirts, shorts and even at the beach – there are so many cool and stylish combinations that you can make out of it. During colder days think of them layered under a blazer or a chunky cardigan. They add such a cool touch to any outfit!

There are so many t-shirts and collections from fashion designers to low budget ones, with different kind of slogans so you can find any suitable choice for yourself. My advice is to wear a t-shirt with a slogan with almost anything- from heels to trainers, skinny jeans or pants, skirt and shorts, blazers and coats just keep the styling simple!

  nicole ballardini - nickyinsideout - statement t-shirt - spice girls - mums handmade   nicole ballardini - nickyinsideout - statement t-shirt - gucci t-shirt   I think the trend is not over yet and it’s still a good move to invest in a designer one. But if you prefer a lower budget I’ve linked many more below 100€ and 50€. These are more of my favourite ones:   SaveSave
SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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