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Inside Out the Look:

T-Shirt: modemusthaves | Jacket: modemusthaves | Denim: Levi’s Vintage | Boots: Clarks | Belt: Gucci | Bag: Chanel from Designer Vintage | Sunglasses: Celine | Watch: Cluse | Choker and necklace: Baublebar


Inside Out the Look:

Dress: Baum und Pferdgarten | Jacket: modemusthave | Boots: Clarks | Bag: Gucci | Bracelets: Lucky Eyes


Inside Out the Look:

T-Shirt: This is Lily | Top: modemusthave | Jeans: Levi’s | Bag: Chanel from Designer Vintage | Shoes: Zara | Leather Jacket: modemusthave | Bracelets: Luckyeyes


Inside Out the Look:

Shirt: Scotch & Soda | Jacket: BLK DNM | Shoes: Clarks | Bag: Hermes from Designer Vintage | Skirt: One Teaspoon  |


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The summer is officially over and fall always brings fresh starts and new beginnings (a bit like starting a new diet on a Monday, but it’s actually happening!)..

The weather still allows us to wear lightweight layers but the colours are already darken up. It’s time to introduce rich tones like burgundy, metallic accents and blazers becomes our best friends.. But this doesn’t mean we have to give up our statement t-shirts, ripped denim, and yellow accessories. Not just yet.  #favouriteseason!!


Who said that back-to-school was only for the kids?

New beginnings and new plans always bring positive energy! A good vibe comes hand-in-hand with new inspiration and for me this i all translating into new projects in the coming months.

Emma started daycare last week and when they say, it’s more emotional for the mother than the child.. Nothing is more true! Good news is that she’s loving it! Not a tear, not sad faces, just an exciting new phase. But someone else is going back to class.. Me! End of this month will bring to the city a new dutch speaker.. ermm, at least I am going to give it a go! Let’s see about this one..

Last but not least, with the ‘duties’ comes the fun too! From next weekend will be all about fashion and fashionista friends! Flight to London booked to spend a long weekend with my bestie Lorna for fashion week then together off to Paris the weekend after! Expect shows, presentations, meetings, shoots, dinner and events!

September is going to be fabulous!

  chanel-designer-vintage-back-to-school-lfw-fall-fashion-publicdesire-dricoper-Xlevis-triwa-thpshop   chanel-designer-vintage-back-to-school-lfw-fall-fashion-publicdesire-dricoper-Xlevis-triwa-thpshop   chanel-designer-vintage-back-to-school-lfw-fall-fashion-publicdesire-dricoper-Xlevis-triwa-thpshop   chanel-designer-vintage-back-to-school-lfw-fall-fashion-publicdesire-dricoper-Xlevis-triwa-thpshop  

Inside Out the Look:

Chanel Bag: Designer Vintage | Shoes: Public Desire | Jeans: Dricoper | T-shirt: Levi’s | Blazer: Zara | Belt: Maje | Watch: Triwa | Rings: THP Shop and H&M

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Hey girls!! My closet was exploding.. Literally!

I am normally very, very affectionate to all my clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. Mainly because fashion is my big passion but also because I spend all my money on it! When we moved to Amsterdam I realised I had designer items I didn’t even remember I own.. and yes I felt a bit ashamed! So I thought, there must be someone out there who would cherish these ‘forgotten’ items more than I am doing at the moment, right?

When I was introduced to Designer Vintage, an Amsterdam based platform selling pre-loved designer items, I realised it was time for a closet cleanse! They have created my boutique (here) where you will find some Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Kenzo, Dior and more in great condition and at a great price!

I hope you will find some treasure and I would love to hear which items you have purchased!! Good Luck and enjoy!!

In partnership with Designer Vintage 

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