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zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger

I am back from two fashion weeks in a row and I must say Milan was my absolute favourite! If you ask me, I still haven’t had enough.. I would be in Paris by now.. But mommy duty was calling, so Paris will have to wait until next season!

zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings-celine-sunglasses   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings-celine-sunglasses   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings

Together with my bestie Lorna we enjoyed the best spots that Milan  had to offer, the chicest cafes, the breathtaking Duomo view and photographed by every possible angle, especially from the Aperol terrazza with an aperitivo in hands ;),  and the best of the Italian fashion of course. In case you missed all the action you can follow up on my Instagram and on the OtterBox blog.


During my first day in Milan, I was dressed by Zelle Studio in these fabulous two pieces, top and leather vest. Two of my fashion week favourites and real signature pieces for my coming spring wardrobe.

I love the details of the top, its movement in particular, as well as the contrast of the mesh main fabric and the faux-suede fringe details. I am planning to wear it again soon with denim and sneakers being the perfect piece to add a chic touch to a casual outfit. To finish the look and to add a less feminine touch to the mini skirt and over the knee boots combo I chose this structured leather vest. I never owned a leather vest before and I must have been living under a rock! It is the perfect transitional piece, it is timeless and versatile and can be worn from now until those chilly summer night will come.

The outfit was the right amount of comfort and statement pieces which really allowed me to enjoy Milano and walk around the city centre but at the same time adding that special details I wanted to wear around the shows.


Inside Out the Look:

Top: Zelle Studio | Leather vest: Zelle Studio | Skirt: Maje | Boots: Public Desire | Sunglasses: Celine | Bag: Chanel | Phone case: OtterBox | Watch: Christian Paul

Created in collaboration with Zelle Studio. Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography LornaLuxe.

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What’s better than ripped denim and a white t-shirt? A great start if you ask me.. But to be a bit less humble than plain white this time, I wanted to show you this cool statement one from Rock & Model.


When I was asked to style this t-shirt, I immediately thought about vintage Levi’s. There is something about boyfriend ripped jeans that makes a t-shirt absolutely necessary. No matter if you prefer a casual look or something more polished with sky high heels, there is always room for a statement t-shirt in your closet.

I paired my new t-shirt and my favourite boyfriend jeans with this oversized blazer and dressed it up with high heels for a smarter approach. This combo would also look great with sneakers, moving the jacket across your shoulders for a more casual, yet chic, look.

On a side note, I received several messages on my Instagram about these vintage Levi’s. They are very popular at the moment so, if you are thinking of getting a pair, these are the classic 501s. According to my experience, when you decide to go jeans vintage shopping, first of all you need some patience.

Sizes vary from year to year so you will probably end up trying on dozens of them before finding the right fit. Don’t get scared when you find out your regular size fits too small.. I did! Before finding out vintage sizes are smaller than our regulars. Expect to go up at least one size, if not two, depending on the fit you are looking for. In my case, I wanted a boyfriend fit so I went up three sizes! Finally, if they end up being too long you can get them tailored. I like them rolled up so I didn’t need any alteration but I might have them shortened closer to summer!

Good luck with your research! It’s fun!


Inside Out The Look:

Tee-shirt: Rock & Model | Jeans: Levi’s 501 vintage | Blazer: Zara | Sunglasses: Celine | Watch: Christian Paul | Rings: Eddie Borgo | Bag: Chanel Jumbo double flap | Shoes: Sam Edelman

Created in collaboration with Rock & Model. Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography Alessia Ballardini.

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SONY DSC When OtterBox asked me to be one of their ambassadors I couldn’t think of a collaboration that would suit me better. I mean, think of me and my phone like we are one, and you get the feeling! Yes, I cannot ever use the excuse I didn’t see a message or an email.. I admit I am that kind who always walks with my phone in my hands, risk my life daily when crossing the street too busy replying a WhatsApp message, never miss a day to update my socials. And if you are thinking of dining and wining with me, it gets odd sometimes.. you have to wait to start eating your food until I took at least a dozen of photos (the first one is never perfect) and if we try to have coffee? That’s really my thing, you can forget a fuming hot cappuccino, especially if we sit where they serve some coffee art. Finally, my 6 months old daughter is probably one of the most photographed of the world wide web! My boyfriend calls it ‘a bit’ annoying, I call it creating memories, and of course, work! If there is something you can trust me, besides shopping, is when I talk phone cases.


Since I always love to try all the hot places in town, I have decided of showing you my very favourite spot in Amsterdam!


IMG_2613 I am taking you to the Conservatorium hotel. On my top list favourite places in the city. Mix of historical building and new design, high glass topped lobby, 5 stars service with still a very friendly staff, one of the best cappuccinos and lunch spot in town, impeccable service.. Loads of good natural light, wifi, yup! That’s sounds perfect to me! And getting to shoot in this location was a real treat.



SONY DSC When it comes to what I wear, details are always the most important to me. I could wear the same ripped denim for weeks but the accessories must always be on point, and my phone being my thing, it must be ‘dressed’ accordingly.

What I love about the OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear case, it is the fully clear back. It shows the rose gold colour of my I-phone and most important, since it did happen to me with other brands in the past, this case doesn’t create a shade around the phone camera. This way I can still take great pictures without compromising in quality! Moreover, protection is at the heart of the brand and I love to know that everything that is inside my phone – emails, thousands of photos, all my apps. – are always safe! A stylish yet protective phone case. Just the way I like it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



I loved starting my day with a delicious cappuccino, which tasted as good as its pretty look in the picture, while I was checking my emails.. and of course taking photos of it! We did a three hours shooting, which sometimes can be very tiring so a yummy lunch was impossible to resist. We hoovered a way too high quantity of french fries but with such a location, every excuse is good enough to stay a little longer.


The great news is that this is only the first episode! Yep, I want to show you more of this OtterBox case and my favourite spots in this city.. We are now planning the second shooting coming to the blog the first weekend of March. New location to discover, same case, different colour.. and hopefully, equally good cappuccino!!

Inside Out the Look:

Coat: Zara | Jeans: Dricoper | Knit: All Saints | Shoes: Celine | Bag: Lancaster | Rings: H&M | Watch: Christian Paul | Symmetry Series Clear Case: OtterBox

The Symmetry Series Clear case is also sold across these stores in Europe, as well as France (FNAC, DARTY, Carrefour, Boulanger & Amazon), Benelux (MM NL, Coolblue,, Italy (Mediaworld & Amazon), Spain (MM, Top APRs, Rosseli, GoldenMac, Macnificos & Amazon), Germany (MSH, Amazon and Vodafone).
Created in collaboration with OtterBox. Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography Alessia Ballardini.

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My obsession with casual wear continues. If you meet me around, most days of the week, you would see me in ripped jeans, sneakers and oversized sweater! Instead, when it comes to the accessories, I always like to add some glam with designer pieces.

I like to stick to my guns because, I can assure you, when you are able to find a look that reflects your personal style your life (the sartorial side at least) becomes much easier! I mean, no piles of clothes to be tried on in front of the mirror and last minute decisions! Especially, no hours to be spent to tidy everything back in your closet the following days!!

I prefer quality over quantities so a statement sweater that I can mix and match and the  perfect fit denim are life savers.. Always sartorially speaking!

This is how I do it. Usually I tend to go for a regular colour palette. My closet is build up in black, white, grey, beige and denim with a splash of colour here and there. Once you know your colours it becomes much easier to put an outfit together.

Finally, this way you can get loads of wear out of your buys and your shopping becomes much more justified.. So the sense of guilt is gone.. Or, at least, you have a perfect excuse!! #girlstalk 😉

IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2490 IMG_2501 IMG_2502 IMG_2506 IMG_2508

IMG_2503Photos: Alessia Ballardini – Styling and Writing by myself.

Inside Out The Look:

Sweater: Calvin Klein | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Adidas | Rings: Givenchy and H&M | Watch: Christian Paul | Coat: Zadig & Voltaire | Bag: Chanel

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