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It is Thursday again and as promised, I am sharing with you every Thursday until Christmas, some of my favorite beauty products & jewelry – as Christmas gift inspiration. I am currently in Marrakech for a week holiday and what’s best to share my favourite traveling beauty products?

Today I am sharing with you my favourite traveling beauty products you can take on a summer holiday in winter. It can make a great gift for your mum, sis or friend who loves to travel!

These are my currently favourite traveling beauty products I took with me to Marrakech:

nickyinsideout - traveling beauty products - beauty - jewelry   nickyinsideout - traveling beauty products - beauty - jewelry   nickyinsideout - traveling beauty products - beauty - jewelry   nickyinsideout - traveling beauty products - beauty - jewelry  
Origins Three Part Harmony Day/Night Eye Cream Duo: This one is for me one of the best traveling beauty products solution to save in space but not in quality.  You find two separate eye creams (Day and Night) all in one jar. I love this cream because my skin is really dry at the moment and the creams are thick and very moisturizing and hydrating. They are quickly absorbing into my skin and don’t leave any oily feel! Swiss clinic -Skin roller: Excellent product! I recently start using the roller each night before sleep, every second week, and I could see results after few days already! It’s important to use the roller in several directions: horizontal, vertical and diagonal for a better result. If you haven’t seen the video we produced for Swiss Clinic a few weeks ago, you can watch it on my InstagramSwiss clinic – Serum: The Rejuvenating Serum is full of Vitamin E , helps skin regeneration, healing and smoothes dry and cracked skin.  It contains beta-glucans, hydroxyprolislane N and vitamin C for its positive effect on skin tone and glow. The serum is very hydrating and calming and I use it after I roll my face with the skin roller. My skin feels calmed and refreshed after I apply it. Ultrasun SPF 30 Face: Protecting my skin is very important that´s why when it comes down to sun creams I love Ulrasun. If you have sensitive skin this cream protects your skin very well and moisturise it as well. One application will protect your face skin all day and your sun tan will stays longer! Ultrasun SPF 50 Baby: A good choice for kids like Emma, who don’t like to being rubbed down regularly with sun cream. Same as with the facial cream protection- one application in the morning is enough! The cream has a thick consistency good for humid, tropical climates. No perfume or oil minerals added and it´s water resistant! Tom Ford Cheek colour: The powder itself is very finely milled and has a smooth and velvety feel. The pigmentation actually does not come out as strong as I was expecting it, but is sophisticated and surprisingly edgy and wearable. I love the colour especially when I have some tan so I like to take it with me on holiday! Tom Ford Honeymoon Eyeshadow Quad: The set of shades is a warm-toned with a  bit of metallic finish. All four shades has  good pigmentation, blended out nicely, and lasts really long even without primer. They are smooth and easy to work with – great for anyone who does not like much blending. Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25: I love this lip balm! It goes on very smoothly and hydrates my lips perfectly for long time. The big plus is that provides protection for my lips because it contains coconut oil and lemon butter, combined with broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen. Definetly my must have product on holiday since I don’t like to pack too much make up and feel as free as possible but still looking good! OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go: This product is a must have for me and for the little cute package I can take it easily anywhere. Actually it’s all year long in my beauty bag! Formulated with vitamin E and avocado making a perfect moisturization for your cuticles. BarePRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation: This is a very light foundation so it is really good if you travel to destination where is hot. I like how light and compact it is – the foundation matches my skin tone almost perfectly  and gives a nice feathered look. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Stick: If you are looking for coverage which gives you natural look this is the one. The stick is super easy to work with and great if you travel because of the size. If I try to achieve a more natural look I usually mark few stripes on my face and blend it all over my face. The coverage is nice and natural and because the foundation is light your skin still feels like it can breath.     SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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Personally, I think there’s no better gift than giving things I am already familiar with, so I know I can go no wrong! This season, I am putting together for you, three Christmas gift posts with my favourite beauty products & jewellery in the hope this can make your gifts research a little easier!

I am going to be sharing with you, each Thursday of December until Christmas, some of my  favourite beauty products & jewellery items I am loving and wearing at the moment. You can use it as inspiration for a nice gift for your sisters, mum, bestie, mother in laws.. and all the girls around you! All products are amazing, from every price point and my favourites at the moment and I believe that will make happy any of your beloved girls!

  beauty - beauty products & jewellery - christmas gift ideas   beauty - beauty products & jewellery - christmas gift ideas   beauty - beauty products & jewellery - christmas gift ideas  
Why I am loving these beauty products & jewellery: Le Rouge Perfecto Givenchy: I recently tried this lip balm (it works as a lipstick) and immediately became part of my every day beauty bag. It gives a lovely natural pink tint to my lips and incredibly hydrates and softens up. It’s perfect when you go for the ‘no-makeup-look’ because creates lovely, glowy lips. Also I find it reasonably long lasting and the packaging is so chic! Be Legendary Liquid Pigment Lipstick Smashbox: I wear this one for an evening out or when I normally go to events. It gives me the full coverage of a lipstick so I can enjoy a nice drink or dinner without it fading away and gives me the high shine of a gloss in a single coat! Christian Louboutin Bikini Questa Sera ParfumeI am loving the oriental floral touch! As a floral lover I love the scent of this parfume. The packaging is so elegant and the smell is quite sophisticated. The mix of paradisone, green nectars, jasmin and sandalwoon gives you the most feminine feeling. Lancôme Rôsy Plump: What I like about this lip gloss is the element of  menthol that gives my lips a cooling effect. It gives you a beautiful shine and I use it in two ways. Either on top of the lipstick to make my lips shine or without when it naturally improves the colour of my lips. If you wear it without lisptick you can feel how moisturised your lips are, even after some time you put it on. And I love the nude colour. Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil Kiehl’s: I am somewhat obsessed when it comes down to skin care products and I’ve been loving this cleaning oil from Kiehl’s long time now! It is rich enough to remove gently even waterproof make-up completely from my face. My skin is clean and feels soft and hydrated every night after I use it. I can tell that the quality of product is high. I love how is my skin is bright and blowy after every use plus the botanical oil smell is amazing. Le Labo Body Cream: Le Labo is vegan, a plant based formula cream with reparing and moisturizing effect. The cream consistency is thick and buttery made from avocado, shea butter and coconut oil. It makes my body skin extra hydrated which I love especially in winter season. Easily it became part of my daily routine after my shower and it looks amazing displayed in my new bathroom. Le Labo Basil Shower Gel: Same as the body cream this shower gel is a plant based vegan product. It is made with sesame, rosemary and sunflower oil that acts as an antioxidant. My skin is feeling fresh and soft and smells of fresh basil with citrusy tones of Verbena. Dyson Supersonic: There’s no doubt the Dyson Supersonic is a fantastic hair dryer and honestly I have no idea how I made it before without it. My hair feels softer and looks way better since I start to using it. If you’re someone with challenging hair, or just someone who uses a hair dryer every day the price is worth it! It’s incredibly quiet and dries my hair in less then 10 minutes.  The design is slick and modern and it is easy to handle and carry with me when I travel. Kenzo World Eau De Parfume Intense: I love the bottle in the shape of the most recognisable Kenzo eye. It’s a playful and dynamic floral scent which combines peony, jasmine, and radiant ambrosian crystals. It’s the perfect every day perfume! Bvlgari goldea the roman night: The new fragrance from Bvgari is simply amazing. I love the combination of sweet-acid mulberries, intensely fragrant nightmare flowers, tuberose, roses, and exotic black pivonies. The entire composition is layered on a musky, powdered base which gives you powerful feeling. A truly magic perfume which embraces and exalts the senses, dedicated to sensual women in an elegant bottle. Sex on Fire Blusher: Cheek to Chic Blusher | Charlotte Tilbury: Sex on Fire Blush is an amazing make-up product to achieve an healthy and glowy look. The formula is soft and creamy so the application is super easy. My cheeks look healthy and naturally pink – what I like in a blush. It is a soft and super pigmented combination with a luminous finish. Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb Bloom’ eau de toiletteThis is the perfume I’ve been using the longest so far. It’s a slightly lighter Flowerbomb scent which is perfect for the upcoming spring. Even though the fragrance is quite sweet,  it’s not too sickly and after applying the initial sweetness gives way to a slightly musky smell. Another one perfect for every day wearing. I love the design of the bottle which makes a beautiful accessory in my bathroom. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G in STONED ROSE: I love matte lispticks and this one from Charlotte Tribuny is perfect. It has a beautiful warm coral rose colour plus its long-lasting which are both qualities I adore in a lipstick. It has a super hydrating formula and protects your lips from UV damage and fighting oxidative stress.     SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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During the previous LFW The Apartment was already one of my obligatory stops. You can imagine how happy I was when I heard OtterBox was going to be their official case sponsor this season!

nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style   nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style  

In case you are not familiar with what The Apartment is, it’s a space dedicated to bloggers to get work done between the shows, presentations and meetings over LFW. Also, it’s a place when we can relax, meet fellow blogger friends,  touch up our hair and make up, snack and take a little break from the hectic schedule of the fashion week.

  nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style   nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style   nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style  

What I always love about the Apartment is how much we are looked after. The LFW days are so hectic it just feels good to hang out in a very pretty and well curated space. Having a beauty studio either for a quick make up touch up or a change of look or even just relaxing having pop corns (or french fries!!) on the sofa while watching the shows. My favourite part of the time I spend here is always catching up with the what so called ‘fashion friends’ we only have the chance to see over fashion week or special events.

  nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style   nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style  

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 7plus and I am loving the new camera! My phone is everything for my work, especially in hectic moments like LFW where every highlight ends up on Instagram stories! Luckly OtterBox is always making sure my phone is well protected when we snap photos in the middle of the shows crowd and we jump from uber to uber to reach meetings during fashion week! The case I am using at the moment is the Symmetry Series Clear. Between the wide range of the OtterBox cases, this one really reflect my minimalistic style and I love to see through my sleek new black iPhone.

  nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style  

Inside Out the Look:

  nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style   nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style   nickyinsideout - fashion week - LFW - theaptmt - beauty - inspiration - street style   Created in collaboration with OtterBox. Story, styling, photograpy and creative direction my own.

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marie-stella-maris-skin-care-amsterdam-water-beauty-review-celine-sunglasses   marie-stella-maris-skin-care-amsterdam-water-beauty-review-candle   marie-stella-maris-skin-care-amsterdam-water-beauty-review-celine-sunglasses   marie-stella-maris-skin-care-amsterdam-water-beauty-review-candle  

Even before moving to Amsterdam, when we were still living in London, there was no baby Emma and the weekends abroad were happening often.. one weekend strolling around the Amsterdam canals I spotted the Marie-Stella-Maris shop on the Keizersgracht and I literally fell in love with the whole concept.

Absolutely charming!


I adore the packaging – black & white hello!! – and it’s not only pretty but also very generous in the size and smells delicious.

Between all the products I tried, my favourite is the Liquid soap No73 Poivre Noir Fraiche. A very original scent made from a mix of essential oils of geranium and black pepper. It fits my busy life as it can be used as both hand and body soap and leaves my skin smooth all day!

Needless to say after trying the products I became even a bigger fan! The sweetest part of the story is that Marie – Stella – Maris cares for water! They believe everyone should have access to clean drinking water. For each product you purchase, Marie-Stella-Maris donates a fix amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide.

  marie-stella-maris-skin-care-amsterdam-water-beauty-review-candle   marie-stella-maris-skin-care-amsterdam-water-beauty-review-celine-sunglasses   marie-stella-maris-skin-care-amsterdam-water-beauty-review-candle   marie-stella-maris-skin-care-amsterdam-water-beauty-review-candle   Created in collaboration with Marie-Stella-Maris. Story, styling, photography and creative direction my own.

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