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I am so passionate about layering jewellery. Especially gold. Even better at the moment if the design has a vintage touch!

Lately I am receiving many questions on my Instagram about my jewellery and where is it from, so I thought I will go through it in this week shopping post.

All my jewellery (yes it does take quite some time to put it on in the morning and take it off at night.. ah!) became my every day statement and I cannot imagine leaving the house without wearing my favorite pieces. I find it such a great way to add a final touch to every outfit. I have my favorite pieces that I wear every day but I also love to play with different ones, always adding some extra sparkle to my looks.

Moreover, layering jewellery is a trend that anyone on any budget can dig into, whether you can afford designer pieces or can only stretch into high street purchases. In the latest case, just always remember to take off all your pieces before you shower or swim etc.. so you can make them last longer!

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If layering jewellery is done your right, even the most casual look of jeans, white t-shirt and chunky knit can look so cool, trust me! I feel good when I style my every day look casually, adding that chic details with all my blings. That is what makes my outfits always statement, even when I wear the most casual items in my closet.

My jewellery is always gold, or gold coloured and I never combine it by sets, too boring. Instead, I mix different styles and lengths and combinatios of earrings, rings , bracelets and necklaces. One of the few occasions where ‘more is more’! 😉

I’ve listed below all the jewellery I wear the most and some similar styles to create the same look. What’s your favourite ones??

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    It seemed to me from the picture in instagram that you were wearing silver and gold items. The photo is perfect by the way. You say here that all items are gold. Question, we never combine silver with gold?


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      Hi Mariena, good question!! I do like the mix of silver and gold. But I always prefer the gold. Lets say a mix 85/15%! Simply for a personal taste reason, I don’t wear all silver jewellery anymore at the moment. My engagement ring is white gold and I add about 6/8 really fine gold dainty rings to my ring finger 🙂 Nicky xx


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    Hi! I’m really interested in where you get your jewelry but the widget doesn’t seem to be working on this page! Is it just my browser?


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