IMGP4199   IMGP4204 IMGP4206 IMGP4214IMGP4203 Happy Saturday! While this post goes online we are on a plane to Italy.. (Emma being quite the jet setter visiting her third country at only 2 months old) I expect to spend a nice and relaxing 10 days, ‘sharing’ Emma with all of her aunties and grandparents which will mean some ‘free time’ for myself. Of course some shopping will be included in the trip aside the good food, many double shot espressos (the real deal) and vino! Outfit speaking, this Acne Studios denim jacket quickly became my staple during the transitional weather. I linked a similar one since it was quickly sold out everywhere. I got mine last summer at Selfridges.  When it comes to classics I don’t mind to indulge a bit more because I know I will wear them a lot and won’t go out of fashion. Also, the light denim colour allow me to play with the rest of the outfit and the short cut looks very good with skirts and dresses too. Let’s just talk about my obsession with flat shoes for a second.. I think I have found my ‘shoephere’ here in Amsterdam, I have barely seen someone wearing heels. It is all about cool trainers, sneakers and flats! Adore!! I love these Chloe espadrilles and I am so glad the weather has been so sunny which allow me to still wear them! The swede is super soft, perfect for my daily long walks with Emma and still feeling stylish. Can you tell I am starting to enjoy my new city?

Inside Out The Look:

Jacket: Acne Studios (similar here) | Top: Uniqlo (here) | Pants: Maje (more here on sale) | Shoes: Chloe (here on sale now!) | Sunglasses: Celine (here) | Bag: Chanel

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12071801_10154226334743219_1184707594_n 12041728_10154226334893219_451183136_n

2015.. What a year! Got pregnant, got engaged, ended up having an atrocious delivery, emergency c-section, then a beautiful angel arrived in my life and literally turned it upside down.. Finally we moved to a different country, with a new born aarrgghh!! If you think that would have been easy.. Think again! Actually, I should have thought twice! Naive me! 2015.. We still have a trimester to go! Please, spare me! I seriously would do with some boredom.. I wish my only worry at this stage was to lose the baby weight. That went in no time!! (20kg in less than 6 weeks.. I Should actually consider a career at the Weight Watchers!!). I think the stress added to the breast-feeding played a massive role! But hey, we keep the result, Thank you very much! So here i am! In a new city i dont know and especially i dont speak the language, with a newborn and a very busy fiance! This will translate into a lot of exploring, possibly getting lost and probably misunderstood.. But I am in excellent company of Emma and I am curios about this new life! On a sartorial level, I left behind, for now, my job in Mayfair in London.. With all the fancy aspects which were coming with it and swapped it for a full time mom job.. which trust me, it is 10 times harder! I often think i was never this tired in the evening, even after a full day with overtime! But I have to admit, when Emma smiles at me, there is no yearly bonus worth the same! It just means a lot of flat shoes and simple chic outfits which fit better with my life at the moment! But I did bring to Holland a little Mayfair corner.. My new Chanel! It was a ‘well deserved’ push present for giving Menno the most beautiful daughter! I am not planning on a second baby but since I can make cute ones.. If you ask me, next time it would be a Birkin!

Inside Out the Look:

Denim Jacket: Acne Studios (similar here) | Top: Maje (more here) | Jeans: Topshop (here) | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) | Sunglasses: Celine (more here) | Bag: Chanel Caviar Jumbo double flap

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IMGP4074 IMGP4075 IMGP4077 IMGP4085 IMGP4087 IMGP4091 IMGP4092

A simply black uniform I am wearing these days on autumn-like end of summer weather. I added a little ’70s vibe with retro round glasses and this simple shirt with puffed boho sleeve which, if you like it, you better grab immediately for only £ 3,99 on the sale!! Wishing for some more sunshine days but in the meantime, a total black look will do!

Inside Out the Look:

Shirt: Zara (here) | Denim: TopShop (here) | Shoes: Adidas (here) |

Bag: Balenciaga (here) | Sunglasses: Miu Miu (here)

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11950944_10154133018643219_1737242917_n-2 11911587_10154133018633219_118399705_n-2

As a first real outfit post pregnancy I am sporting these pants with a little bit more drama than the usual skinny jeans. They’re comfortable and chic, so I found it a very cool trend to try before the summer is officially over. The black and white stripe print style makes them easy to mix and match and as easy as it looks, I am enjoying the most comfortable trend that made a come back this SS15 I was busy cooking the bun in the oven.

Inside Out the Look:

Pants: Zara (more here, here and here) | Shoes: Birkenstock Arizona (here) |

Top: H&M (more here) | Bag: DVF (more here on sale) | Sunglasses: Celine (here)

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IMGP3984 IMGP3971 When I was pregnant, especially towards the end, I was dreaming of my due date, of course to meet my baby girl but also to finally go back to my old self.. and I mean body wise. I had no idea my body would go through another phase of change, the postpartum. I mean, I knew.. but I had no idea how it would be! Since I past my due date of 11 days, I was actually pregnant for 10 months, not 9.. Lucky me!! After the baby arrived, with a big surprise, I still felt pregnant for the first few days, and looked like I was 4/5 months pregnant still.. Moreover, I am exclusively breastfeeding so my breast is bigger than it ever was, and always will be.. So, this means, sartorially speaking, another change of wardrobe. I still have to wait sometime to meet my beloved skinny jeans and leather pants.. 9kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight, I am making new friends with shirts borrowed from the boy, wide leg pants and shirt dresses. I am liking it so far, every day is a new experience .. I don’t live it as a deprivation of my old wardrobe, one more time, but more like a new sartorial journey to explore new styles and fabrics I wasn’t really wearing before.. And all this in the great company of my new little doll!

Inside Out the Look:

Shirt: borrowed from the boyfriend | Cardigan: Zara Men (more here) |

Wide leg trousers: Zara (similar here on sale!) | Shoes: Superga in leather (here) |

Sunglasses: Celine (more here on sale!) |

Stroller: Bugaboo Cameleon limited edition (here)

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