amsterdam-restaurant-remise47-dehallen-interior-scandinavian   amsterdam-restaurant-remise47-dehallen-interior-scandinavian

When I was invited by Remise47 to visit their improved spaces I was really excited. Since I’ve been here before, I was very happy to share with you a place I knew already and which I truly enjoyed the design, atmosphere and location. By now you know my addiction to a good cappuccino in a 5 star hotel (location matters! ;)).. A coffee is just a coffee? Not if you see it this way.. Atmosphere created by an ex former tram deposit from the early 1900 and large spaces decorated with pretty plants, Scandinavian designer pieces with an overall industrial look. The restaurant is part of the 2700sq De Hallen complex, it is one of the best hotspot in Amsterdam offering a delicious urban bistro style.

amsterdam-restaurant-remise47-dehallen-interior-scandinavian   amsterdam-DAINTY-JEWELS-hirigoyen-watch-luckyeyeslondon-remise47-restaurant-review   amsterdam-furla-mini-bag-remise47X-restaurant-review   amsterdam-DAINTY-JEWELSX-furla-mini-bag-hirigoyen-watch-LEATHER-VEST-lucky-eyes-london-remise47-restaurant-review-denim-ripped

The lunch was indeed delicious!

The decor and the glamorous vibe makes it a spot you can enjoy with a group of friends or your loved one. To me it’s the perfect weekend brunch spot! You surely will have an entirely satisfying experience which would please both your mouth and your eyes. Remise47 is a great number on your Amsterdam hot sposts list places to visit.

amsterdam-furla-mini-bag-remise47-restaurant-review-round-sunglasses-zerouv   amsterdam-furla-mini-bag-remise47-restaurant-review-round-sunglasses-zerouv-otterbox-phone-case     amsterdam-DAINTY-JEWELS-hirigoyen-watch-lucky-eyes-london-remise47-restaurant-review   amsterdam-furla-mini-bag-remise47-restaurant-review-round-sunglasses-zerouv-otterbox-phone-case   amsterdam-furla-mini-bag-remise47-restaurant-review-round-sunglasses-zerouv-otterbox-phone-case

Brunch was the perfect occasion to wear my stilettos since I knew walking around was not really involved. Winter is slowly fading but some cold-weather staple, like leather, will never go out of style. As we are looking forward to lighten up our layering game and give our coats a break (hopefully soon!!) I was wearing my Zelle Studio leather vest layered underneath a loose blazer and lift it up to my new gold accessories from Lucky Eyes London to finish up the outfit.

hirigoyen-watch-round-sunglasses-samedelman-ZELLESTUDIO-zero uv   hirigoyen-watch-round-sunglasses-samedelman-ZELLESTUDIO-zero uv

Inside Out the Look:

Love bracelet, Geometric bangle, Horseshoe ring, Circle of Life ring: Lucky Eyes | Watch: Hirigoyen | Bag: Furla | Sunglasses: Zero UV | Leather vest: Zelle Studio | Top: Zara | Blazer: Zara | Denim: Levi’s vintage | Shoes: Sam Edelman

Created in collaboration with Remise47. Story, styling, photography and creative direction my own.

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We shot these images during the last day in Milano over fashion week. While every italian girl was running around on their fancy stilettos, I decided to end my milanese weekend welcoming my new Acne Studios sneakers.. A staple my shoes collection was in need of! Classic and effortless, yet edgy.. the detail can elevate a very simple outfit such denim and a white shirt.

acne-studios-adriana-sneakers-balenciaga-pochette-crossbody-bag-DOUUOD-coat-frayed-hem-jeans-rika-studios-spellonme-personalised-bracelet-ulrika-lundgren-white-shirt-white-sneakers-MFW   acne-studios-adriana-sneakers-balenciaga-pochette-crossbody-bag-DOUUOD-coat-frayed-hem-jeans-rika-studios-spellonme-personalised-bracelet-ulrika-lundgren-white-shirt-white-sneakers-MFW   acne-studios-adriana-sneakers-balenciaga-pochette-crossbody-bag-DOUUOD-coat-frayed-hem-jeans-rika-studios-spellonme-personalised-bracelet-ulrika-lundgren-white-shirt-white-sneakers-MFW

If you have been following me on Instagram lately, you surely noticed how much love I am spreading for white shirts with big sleeves. This Rika Studios is more elegant with the neck detail and I loved to dress it down in a sporty chic way.


Each season fashion week is approaching it comes along with a bit of ‘outfit stress’. After this year in London and Milan my approach has changed. What I learnt is that, like everyday of your our life, we should only wear what makes us feel good and confident.

Feeling good is the best way to shine through your outfit and if its a casual look, trendy, sophisticated or ‘dress to impress’ kind of look you have in mind.. the most important is that you only do it to make yourself feel good first!

acne-studios-adriana-sneakers-balenciaga-pochette-crossbody-bag-DOUUOD-coat-frayed-hem-jeans-rika-studios-spellonme-personalised-bracelet-ulrika-lundgren-white-shirt-white-sneakers-MFW   acne-studios-adriana-sneakers-balenciaga-pochette-crossbody-bag-DOUUOD-coat-frayed-hem-jeans-rika-studios-spellonme-personalised-bracelet-ulrika-lundgren-white-shirt-white-sneakers-MFW   acne-studios-adriana-sneakers-balenciaga-pochette-crossbody-bag-DOUUOD-coat-frayed-hem-jeans-rika-studios-spellonme-personalised-bracelet-ulrika-lundgren-white-shirt-white-sneakers-MFW

Photography LornaLuxe.

Inside Out the Look:

Shirt: Rika Studio | Coat: DOUUOD  | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Acne Studios | Bag: Balenciaga |

Bracelet: Spell On Me

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shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform   shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform   shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform   shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform   shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform   shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform

I absolutely loved this outfit I wore on my second day of Milan fashion week. The weather was wet but with March at the door we could already breath the spring feeling in the air in Italy.

My favourite part of the end of winter is certainly to start thinking of my spring wardrobe, which means dropping the dark coats and start wearing soft colours. This time last year I was pregnant and not only banned myself from attending the european fashion weeks, but also took a kind of ‘sabbatical’ from fashion and shopping. It’s time to make up for it now!

Milan was the perfect occasion for practicing with this amazing oversized cream sweater from SheIn I paired with a white super big sleeve shirt and cropped denim. In order to keep the details of the top on high visibility I opted for a shearling vest of the same colour palette and python print shoes.

It was all about the big turtleneck and the super long sleeves in a soft colour palette!

shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform   shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform   shein-oversized-sweater-big-sleeve-white-shirt-open-hem-jeans-denim-gucci-bag-shearling-vest-stellamccartney-shoes-flatform

Inside Out the Look:

Top: SheIn | Shirt: H&M | Vest: Stradivarius | Denim: Zara | Shoes: Stella McCartney | Bag: Gucci | Sunglasses: Celine | Rings: ThingsEyeLove

Created in collaboration with SheIn. Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography LornaLuxe.

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hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-bomber-jacket-otterbox-phone-case-iphone-stripes-bucket-bag-denim-heels-fashion-blogger   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-bomber-jacket-otterbox-phone-case-iphone-stripes-bucket-bag-denim-heels-fashion-blogger   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-bomber-jacket-otterbox-phone-case-iphone-stripes-bucket-bag-denim-fashion-blogger-symmetry-series   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-bomber-jacket-otterbox-phone-case-iphone-stripes-bucket-bag-denim-heels-fashion-blogger

Remember last month I took you to my favourite Amsterdam 5 star hotel? (here in case you missed it). This time I went a bit outside my comfort zone and I decided to show you a place that maybe would’t be on your top five list when you visit Amsterdam, but it definitely should! Imagine a sunny day, blue skies, leaving the urban business behind, just entering a little door and finding yourself in a beautiful and intimate oasis where you can explore a unique collection of plants (not sure I did that!!), the most photogenic palm trees and cactus without having to travel overseas (absolutely did that!!) and enjoying your cappuccino in the cutest cafe (never miss that!!).

hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-silver-rings-phone-case-otterbox-symmetry-clear-stripes-christian-paul-watch   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden

Several warm glass houses, which will make you forget you are fighting the winter season in Holland, with walkways to climb up the ceilings and get a great view from the top. . and #fwis shots for the fellow instagrammers. . Just don’t wear high heels. . #justsaying . .

hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-phone-case-otterbox-symmetry-clear-silver-rings   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-phone-case-otterbox-symmetry-clear-high-heels-white-bag-denim-bomber-jacket   stripes-denim-heels-watch-silver-rings-phone-case-otterbox-symmetry-clear

If you were wandering if my life is all about my phone and hangs out in photogenic places (preferably with wifi and a good lighting). . You are almost there! It’s also about clothes, shoes and bags . . again #justsaying. And of course, photography! I am loving to have some green in my feed, palm trees and cactus, in case you missed it on my Instagram here . . It just adds that ‘holiday feeling’ and since I am not in the position of travelling to California with the little one at the minute.. What’s better than finding the real deal in the centre of the city?

  hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-silver-rings-phone-case-otterbox-symmetry-clear-cactus   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-cactus   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-cactus   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-silver-rings-phone-case-otterbox-symmetry-clear-stripes   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-silver-rings-phone-case-otterbox-symmetry-clear-stripes-watch-denim-zara   hortus-botanicus-amsterdam-botanic-garden-cactus

By now, I am getting quite fond of the look of my phone, being my never-leave-the-house-without prime accessory.

Only coming second to my baby girl and credit cards obvs.. B.E. (Before Emma) the phone case was just an extra accessory or something which would make my phone prettier.. Now, it is still something which makes my phone prettier, absolutely loving the Symmetry Series grey case (it shows the rose gold colour of my iPhone and loved it paired with the grey all-around detail) but since my phone became the main attraction for the little one, it keeps dropping on the floor, the street, out of bed, on the tram, she even tries to chew it now #nojoke. . You can only imagine where I would be by now without a strong case.


Finally, you know, I never miss the chance to try a new cafe spot, a good cappuccino and a photogenic coffee art. The botanic garden accommodates a lovely cafe which accommodates a huge tree inside. How pretty and unusual is that?!

I can’t wait for summer days, for a break from the traffic, sitting in the outside garden, having my cappuccino while Emma will experiment walking and maybe will give a break my phone. What I also can’t wait, is showing more about this city and its less touristic hidden places!

Till the next time, see you in a new location, always with a cappuccino in hands and, hopefully, still intact phone thanks to OtterBox.


Inside Out the Look:

Top: Comme Des Garcons | Bomber jacket: Maje | Denim: Zara | Bag: Lancaster Paris | Rings: H&M | Sunglasses: Celine | Symmetry Series Clear Case: OtterBox

The Symmetry Series Clear case is also sold across these stores in Europe, as well as France (FNAC, DARTY, Carrefour, Boulanger & Amazon), Benelux (MM NL, Coolblue,, Italy (Mediaworld & Amazon), Spain (MM, Top APRs, Rosseli, GoldenMac, Macnificos & Amazon), Germany (MSH, Amazon and Vodafone).
Created in collaboration with OtterBox. Story, styling and creative direction my own.

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zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger

I am back from two fashion weeks in a row and I must say Milan was my absolute favourite! If you ask me, I still haven’t had enough.. I would be in Paris by now.. But mommy duty was calling, so Paris will have to wait until next season!

zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings-celine-sunglasses   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings-celine-sunglasses   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings   zelle-studio-chanel-bag-milan-fashion-week-mfw-fashionblogger-otk-boots-christian-paul-watch-silver-rings

Together with my bestie Lorna we enjoyed the best spots that Milan  had to offer, the chicest cafes, the breathtaking Duomo view and photographed by every possible angle, especially from the Aperol terrazza with an aperitivo in hands ;),  and the best of the Italian fashion of course. In case you missed all the action you can follow up on my Instagram and on the OtterBox blog.


During my first day in Milan, I was dressed by Zelle Studio in these fabulous two pieces, top and leather vest. Two of my fashion week favourites and real signature pieces for my coming spring wardrobe.

I love the details of the top, its movement in particular, as well as the contrast of the mesh main fabric and the faux-suede fringe details. I am planning to wear it again soon with denim and sneakers being the perfect piece to add a chic touch to a casual outfit. To finish the look and to add a less feminine touch to the mini skirt and over the knee boots combo I chose this structured leather vest. I never owned a leather vest before and I must have been living under a rock! It is the perfect transitional piece, it is timeless and versatile and can be worn from now until those chilly summer night will come.

The outfit was the right amount of comfort and statement pieces which really allowed me to enjoy Milano and walk around the city centre but at the same time adding that special details I wanted to wear around the shows.


Inside Out the Look:

Top: Zelle Studio | Leather vest: Zelle Studio | Skirt: Maje | Boots: Public Desire | Sunglasses: Celine | Bag: Chanel | Phone case: OtterBox | Watch: Christian Paul

Created in collaboration with Zelle Studio. Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography LornaLuxe.

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