If you’ve followed me over the past year, especially on my Instagram, you’ll know that a good statement t-shirt is an easy but very big way of elevating any type of casual outfits. In particular a white statement t-shirt with red writing are proven to be especially popular, so much that I almost struggled to make a selection for you that wasn’t sold out.

My most recent buy is this Ganni ‘Love Society’ and it’s such a cult hit that I was very surprised I could still find it in my size.

    nicole ballardini - nickyinsideout - statement t-shirt - ganni - love society    

Obviously wearing a t-shirt is not something new in the world of fashion. However, the difference is in the slogans and self-expression statements. I have a number of them in my wardrobe from designer ones like Gucci and Isabel Marant to the 10$ Spice Girl and I really am so fond of all of them! They became my ‘comfort zone’ piece for any of my outfits!

During summer days I wore them with denim skirts, shorts and even at the beach – there are so many cool and stylish combinations that you can make out of it. During colder days think of them layered under a blazer or a chunky cardigan. They add such a cool touch to any outfit!

There are so many t-shirts and collections from fashion designers to low budget ones, with different kind of slogans so you can find any suitable choice for yourself. My advice is to wear a t-shirt with a slogan with almost anything- from heels to trainers, skinny jeans or pants, skirt and shorts, blazers and coats just keep the styling simple!

  nicole ballardini - nickyinsideout - statement t-shirt - spice girls - mums handmade   nicole ballardini - nickyinsideout - statement t-shirt - gucci t-shirt   I think the trend is not over yet and it’s still a good move to invest in a designer one. But if you prefer a lower budget I’ve linked many more below 100€ and 50€. These are more of my favourite ones:   SaveSave
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Happy New Year Everyone!

We are back in the first working week of the year and we are already bringing lots of news! The first big change was my new Instagram handle into my real name @nicoleballardini. I felt it was long due, and what better moment than January 1st as a new beginning? My blog name will remain the same for many reasons but there is another big news! We are working on starting my YouTube channel! Also, you can find two new shopping pages here on the blog to always keep updated with my looks and my entire closet: ‘Shop My Instagram‘ and ‘Shop My Wardrobe‘.

But now let’s get into the first shopping post of 2018! Let’s talk about one of my favourite things: shoes! Trainers in particular!

I am a shoe girl- that is one of my many weaknesses. By now you probably know that my favourite and mostly worn from all shoes are trainers. I just love to wear them with any kind of outfit. Trainers always add a cool and stylish touch to any look and yes, they are much more comfortable then heels when you are a mom.

You can pair trainers well with basically everything – I wear them with jeans, a dress, skirts even suits or coats. It doesn’t really matter which season it is, they are a must-have anytime!

Sometimes I like to keep up with new sneakers trends but my closet never misses all the classics.

The most important element is the good and comfy feeling no matter which outfit I am wearing – trainers are not for every occasion surely, but I love to wear them as much as I can because they make me feel comfortable and they add a special touch to my outfits.

I’m sharing with you 5 of the best trainers I own and also, the next ones I am going to buy!

NIKE W AIR MAX 97 nike air max 97 - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - balenciaga bazar - gucci belt - trainers  
  REEBOK CLASSICS   reebok classic - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - trainers   SaveSave SaveSave
  VANS OLD SKOOL IN BLACK   vans old skool black - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - trainers    
  COMME DES GARCONS PLAY – ALL STARS HIGH TOP CONVERSE   comme des garcons play - converse high top all stars - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - trainers  
  GUCCI ACE:   gucci ace - samsoe & samsoe - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - trainers  
  High on my wish list are the Balenciaga Triple S trainers in this light colour! I would have had them already if they were not sold out everywhere already (sigh!) So let me know if you see them available anywhere 😉  
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Christmas is at the the door, we have 3 days left to buy last minute gifts! Today I am sharing with you the last, but not least, beauty and jewellery Christmas gift guide with some more of my favorite jewellery and beauty products. In case you missed the last two appointments, you can quickly find them here:

Today I picked everything from make-up to candles to skincare and jewellery. These are some more of my current favorite products which I tried and I am very happy with! I believe they would make a beautiful gift to any special girl in your life.

Enjoy your last minute shopping and I hope this beauty and jewellery Christmas gift guide really helps!

  nickyinsideout - beauty and jewellery - christmas gift guide   nickyinsideout - beauty and jewellery - christmas gift guide
La Mer Reparative skint spf 30: In case you have a bit of a problematic skin, this is the perfect foundation for you! It has a very light coverage but enough to make a good and naturally looking skin! It gives a very nice glow! Gold Peel-Off Mask: This is a super nice and fun face mask! It does feel very tight on the face and it´s working pretty well.  My skin feel so soft and has an amazing glow after. It has a nice smell, it’s very easy to peel off from the face and it’s a gold colour! Medik8- Glow oil:I started using this oil after washing my face and I love it! My skin started to have a beautiful healthy glow. The oil is absorbing quickly and doesn’t leave my face oily but with a nice and silky smooth. The oil has a very nice smell and it easily became part of my daily routine. Marie-Stella-Maris Gift Set – Scented Candle and Room Spray: The Scent No. 93 Edition Privee is a sophisticated, smoky, woody, resinous fragrance backed up with soft sandalwood notes and creamy musks, with a hint of powdery moss and earthy patchouly. I’ve been using this for years now and it’s a must have in every home! This limited edition gift set from Marie-Stella-Maris is perfect as a gift for somebody who loves making their home stylish. The packaging is so pretty! Givenchy Le Prisme Blush: I like the prisme concept because you can play around with the colours. You can go darker or lighter depending on which look you want to achieve. It gives me the right pigimentation and glow I need. Givenchy’s Matissime Velvet Compact: A ultra-soft velvety powder that neutralises shine to reveal a lasting matte complexion. The light and liquidy texture of MATISSIME VELVET leaves a luminous and unifying matte finish on the skin that preserves its fine texture and natural glow. The complexion stays matte, luminous, smooth and perfectly even all day long. Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara: The main feature of this mascara is an innovative wand that can be folded up to 90 degrees for better control and creates a lash extension effect and buildable volume. This is definitely a new favorite, lushes look thick, long and lush. I like it also because it gives you very natural looking lashes not too dramatic or voluminous. Givenchy Matissime Velvet FoundationOne of my favourite foundations of all times! It perfectly matches my skin tone and covers really well. It blends perfectly into the skin and doesn’t settle into lines or wrinkles. Urban Decay Palette Naked Eye: This palette includes 12 eyeshadows with a mixture of shimmers in orange and red-based. The variety of colors in the palette are truly beautiful and you can create endless combinations. The brush include with the pallet is a great quality as well and blends the colors nicely. Pigmentation is really good and they stays so long on! Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lipsticks: I always found it hard to find a liquid lipstick that I really like, whether it be the color or texture, but this one is actually really nice and stays on so long! The colors I picked are beautiful and super easy to apply. Lancôme Ombre Hypnose Ultra Eyeshadow: I have these eyeshadows in 4 colours and they are absolutely beautiful. What I love the most about them is the texture – smooth and velvety and very easily applied to the lid. As holiday the season is here these eyeshadows are must- have to create a smoky party look. Sensai Glowing Base PrimerFor any girl with a dry skin as mine I suggest this base. It´s without silicons and very hydrating – keeps your face moisturized for hours. The foundation go on smoother and stay more flawless a lot longer. Sensai Traslucent Loose PowderThis is a great powder with a very silky feel. It looks natural without giving too much coverage. Sensai Cellular Performance CreamIt´s an excellent product suitable for all skin types.  This formula helps to create silky, smooth and lustrous skin that appears to glow instantly.

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It is Thursday again and as promised, I am sharing with you every Thursday until Christmas, some of my favorite beauty products & jewelry – as Christmas gift inspiration. I am currently in Marrakech for a week holiday and what’s best to share my favourite traveling beauty products?

Today I am sharing with you my favourite traveling beauty products you can take on a summer holiday in winter. It can make a great gift for your mum, sis or friend who loves to travel!

These are my currently favourite traveling beauty products I took with me to Marrakech:

nickyinsideout - traveling beauty products - beauty - jewelry   nickyinsideout - traveling beauty products - beauty - jewelry   nickyinsideout - traveling beauty products - beauty - jewelry   nickyinsideout - traveling beauty products - beauty - jewelry  
Origins Three Part Harmony Day/Night Eye Cream Duo: This one is for me one of the best traveling beauty products solution to save in space but not in quality.  You find two separate eye creams (Day and Night) all in one jar. I love this cream because my skin is really dry at the moment and the creams are thick and very moisturizing and hydrating. They are quickly absorbing into my skin and don’t leave any oily feel! Swiss clinic -Skin roller: Excellent product! I recently start using the roller each night before sleep, every second week, and I could see results after few days already! It’s important to use the roller in several directions: horizontal, vertical and diagonal for a better result. If you haven’t seen the video we produced for Swiss Clinic a few weeks ago, you can watch it on my InstagramSwiss clinic – Serum: The Rejuvenating Serum is full of Vitamin E , helps skin regeneration, healing and smoothes dry and cracked skin.  It contains beta-glucans, hydroxyprolislane N and vitamin C for its positive effect on skin tone and glow. The serum is very hydrating and calming and I use it after I roll my face with the skin roller. My skin feels calmed and refreshed after I apply it. Ultrasun SPF 30 Face: Protecting my skin is very important that´s why when it comes down to sun creams I love Ulrasun. If you have sensitive skin this cream protects your skin very well and moisturise it as well. One application will protect your face skin all day and your sun tan will stays longer! Ultrasun SPF 50 Baby: A good choice for kids like Emma, who don’t like to being rubbed down regularly with sun cream. Same as with the facial cream protection- one application in the morning is enough! The cream has a thick consistency good for humid, tropical climates. No perfume or oil minerals added and it´s water resistant! Tom Ford Cheek colour: The powder itself is very finely milled and has a smooth and velvety feel. The pigmentation actually does not come out as strong as I was expecting it, but is sophisticated and surprisingly edgy and wearable. I love the colour especially when I have some tan so I like to take it with me on holiday! Tom Ford Honeymoon Eyeshadow Quad: The set of shades is a warm-toned with a  bit of metallic finish. All four shades has  good pigmentation, blended out nicely, and lasts really long even without primer. They are smooth and easy to work with – great for anyone who does not like much blending. Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25: I love this lip balm! It goes on very smoothly and hydrates my lips perfectly for long time. The big plus is that provides protection for my lips because it contains coconut oil and lemon butter, combined with broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen. Definetly my must have product on holiday since I don’t like to pack too much make up and feel as free as possible but still looking good! OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go: This product is a must have for me and for the little cute package I can take it easily anywhere. Actually it’s all year long in my beauty bag! Formulated with vitamin E and avocado making a perfect moisturization for your cuticles. BarePRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation: This is a very light foundation so it is really good if you travel to destination where is hot. I like how light and compact it is – the foundation matches my skin tone almost perfectly  and gives a nice feathered look. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Stick: If you are looking for coverage which gives you natural look this is the one. The stick is super easy to work with and great if you travel because of the size. If I try to achieve a more natural look I usually mark few stripes on my face and blend it all over my face. The coverage is nice and natural and because the foundation is light your skin still feels like it can breath.     SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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nickyinsideout - tips to pack - packing guide - suitcase packing nickyinsideout - tips to pack - packing guide - suitcase packing


I am already in Marrakech with my little family since Sunday and I´ve been super excited for this trip since in Amsterdam it’s been freezing and snowing! It’s finally time for some warm days for us ( YAY)!! But let’s go back to last weekend when I was getting ready for trip.. I want to share with you some tips to pack your luggage, since it’s something I love to do..

(I know, freaky!!)

I love packing, but maybe, when it comes to traveling, packing isn’t the most fun part for most people. Especially when you’re expected to pack all of your favourite outfits into one luggage or hand luggage even! I used to overpack my luggage with clothes I never wore in the end, just because I was scared I would not bring enough..


nickyinsideout - tips to pack - packing guide - suitcase packing


My first tips to pack are to exactly plan your outfits few days ahead and match clothes together to avoid bringing too much. I try to plan looks where I can switch accessories since shoes and bags are the pieces that keeps the most space and weight. Then I quickly try on the outfits and take a mirror screenshot so I remember exactly what goes with what. Then I keep all the screenshots ready day-by-day on my phone and that’s it, no outfit stress for the whole holiday!

Another of my tips to pack is is rolling your clothes, not folding them. I first place all the shoes, bags and bigger items at the bottom of my luggage, then fill in the spaces with the rolled clothes. It saves loads of space and for tidy freaks like me it keeps your luggage nice and organized. Finally, I try to always finish packing the day before so I have room for the last things I was going to forget! And that happens all the times!

If  you are thinking of travelling to Morocco in winter time, you can take some inspiration from what I packed. All the items are linked below and you can follow my Instagram to see all my daily outfits!

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