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Photos by Helen

Just before Christmas I met up with Helen author of the blog Boho Tailor РWe met in Mayfair during my lunch break and rather then food we preferred photo shooting! My dear friend Lorna РLornaluxe Рalready told me how great Helen was, in fact it could be no wrong! Helen was great, lovely personality and very talented photographer Рyou can see it yourself on her blog section Boho behind the Lens. And thinking of Helen now, as long as I love layering, and enjoyed wearing this outfit, I would rather be with her enjoying the sun in Bondi beach in a tank top..

Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Zara (similar here) | Leather shorts: .Object Collectors Items (more here) |

Coat: Isabel Marant x HM (similar on sale here) | Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood (more on sale here) |

Sunglasses: Celine Audrey (here)

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    Hello, just came across your blog, and thrilled I did. Loving this oufit, and great pictures too! xx


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