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I’ve had this Marrakech post drafted since we got back the past December. Then the Christmas holidays arrived in a blink, a busy start of the new year and few weeks passed by already since we got back. But I really wanted to share this post with you, so here we are!

While I do like the idea of snuggling up with a blanket, sitting in front our big living room window with Emma watching snow flakes falling down, I always prefer feeling the warmth of the sun on my body. I am Italian and for a sun loving person like myself, it feels like the days go by too slowly in winter. So the past December, I decided to escape the Dutch cold weather and spend a week in Marrakech with my little family of three.

I must admit, it wasn’t the most kid-friendly city we could have picked but it was on my top list of places to visit and just four hours flight away from Amsterdam. Luckily Emma is a girl who tends to adjust to everything really and we made an easy daily itinerary of places she could enjoy as well.

One of these was the Jardin Majorelle together with the Yves Saint Laurent museum – dedicated to his work. It’s been very inspiring to see his work since the very beginning. The entire collection includes thousands of articles of clothing and 15,000 haute couture accessories and drawings. Also you will not be disappointed with the architecture of the museum, the beautiful garden and a cute little cafe.

  marrakech - jardin majorelle - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - yves saint laurent museum   marrakech - jardin majorelle - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - architecture   marrakech - jardin majorelle - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini -   marrakech - jardin majorelle - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - baum und pferdgarten - vintage dior bag - hermes sandals  

The old town of Marrakech, known as the Medina was my most and least favourite part of all! One of the first things we did was visiting the Souk – yes, everything about the souk is overwhelming, but I totally loved it! At the same time I hated doing it with a child.. Without Emma I would have totally loved wandering more and getting lost between all the city alleyways. But Emma had to sit on the stroller the whole time and she’s already growing tired of it, so it wasn’t so much fun for her I am afraid. But we had no choice for her safety. It’s easy to get lost, streets are very narrow and a lot of cars drive at a quite high speed. I admit I wanted to scream at one point but at the same time I was totally fascinated by the colours and the great vibe of the medina. Within all this, we managed to buy quite a few beautiful little pieces at the Souks, although our house is influenced by a Scandinavian vibe, they really fit! I left my heart with some beautiful rugs and lamps, but really, the whole research and negotiation would have been to heavy for Emma.

  marrakech - travel tips - souk - maroccan style lamps - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini   marrakech - travel tips - souk - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini  

The great thing is, it’s very easy to escape the overwhelming traffic and business of the Medina and within few minutes walk finding yourself in the breathtaking Le Jardin Secret. Gardens are divided into Islamic and Exotic ones with plants from different continents. It is a very relaxing and peaceful place. Make sure to include the tower in your visit because it offers an amazing view of Marrakesh.

Another amazing place we visited was the Bahia Palace – bahia means beautiful and surely it was. I was so amazed by every little detail in the palace; oh I just love the Morrocon style. Bahia Palace is huge and has a gorgeous garden with palm trees. Definitely worth the visit!

  marrakech - travel tips - bahia palace - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini   marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - bahia palace - medina   marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - bahia palace  

Close to Bahia Palace we visited another beautiful spot, the Dar Si Said Museum. The architecture and decoration are just a beautiful example of Moroccan history. It´s a lovely place where you can see the architectural elements of mosaics which are very impressive and magnificent fountains. Also you cannot find many people there so it is a good place to visit if you want to avoid the usual crowds.

We spent the first two days in a beautiful Riad, Les Jardins de la Medina, and it could not have been any better. The style of interior has a French colonial touch and it is absolutely gorgeous with an amazing garden and pool. The location of the hotel is very close to central and the restaurant is simply delicious. We then moved to a more kids’ friendly hotel called Ibero Star and it was perfect for Emma to be able to run around the huge garden and pools.

  marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - riad - jardin de la medina   marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - riad - jardin de la medina   marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - riad - jardin de la medina  

Finally, my very favourite day was spent at The Selman. They invited me to spend the day there, we had a lovely lunch in their garden restaurant and it’s truly one of the most beautiful hotel I have ever been (Menno being an interior and hospitality architect we do normally hang out in very beautiful hotels) but The Selman was one of the best! It´s just a magnificent place to have lunch overlooking perfectly curated gardens. The atmosphere couldn’t have been lovelier and food and wine delicious, plus the service of the hotel is excellent. The interiors are complete with fine antiques, plush upholstery and an impressive art collection. They have the cutest nursery so Emma could enjoy some painting while we had a glass of wine by the pool. Finally, they breed beautiful horses and Emma surely had a blast visiting them! It was an amazing end of our week in Marrakech.

  marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - selman   marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - selman   marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - selman   marrakech - travel tips - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - selman  

Marrakech has so much to offer and I think I became obsessed with the beautiful architecture, colours and little cute spots. Here you can find the link to all the outfits I wore during the week (tips to pack without overpacking). I am going to be back as soon as Emma will be a bit older or sooner for a girls weekend escape! I just can’t wait!!

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I am so passionate about layering jewellery. Especially gold. Even better at the moment if the design has a vintage touch!

Lately I am receiving many questions on my Instagram about my jewellery and where is it from, so I thought I will go through it in this week shopping post.

All my jewellery (yes it does take quite some time to put it on in the morning and take it off at night.. ah!) became my every day statement and I cannot imagine leaving the house without wearing my favorite pieces. I find it such a great way to add a final touch to every outfit. I have my favorite pieces that I wear every day but I also love to play with different ones, always adding some extra sparkle to my looks.

Moreover, layering jewellery is a trend that anyone on any budget can dig into, whether you can afford designer pieces or can only stretch into high street purchases. In the latest case, just always remember to take off all your pieces before you shower or swim etc.. so you can make them last longer!

  layering jewellery - gold jewellery - by alone - mums handmade - gucci belt - wild things collectables - j.v. reid - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini  

If layering jewellery is done your right, even the most casual look of jeans, white t-shirt and chunky knit can look so cool, trust me! I feel good when I style my every day look casually, adding that chic details with all my blings. That is what makes my outfits always statement, even when I wear the most casual items in my closet.

My jewellery is always gold, or gold coloured and I never combine it by sets, too boring. Instead, I mix different styles and lengths and combinatios of earrings, rings , bracelets and necklaces. One of the few occasions where ‘more is more’! 😉

I’ve listed below all the jewellery I wear the most and some similar styles to create the same look. What’s your favourite ones??

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If you’ve followed me over the past year, especially on my Instagram, you’ll know that a good statement t-shirt is an easy but very big way of elevating any type of casual outfits. In particular a white statement t-shirt with red writing are proven to be especially popular, so much that I almost struggled to make a selection for you that wasn’t sold out.

My most recent buy is this Ganni ‘Love Society’ and it’s such a cult hit that I was very surprised I could still find it in my size.

    nicole ballardini - nickyinsideout - statement t-shirt - ganni - love society    

Obviously wearing a t-shirt is not something new in the world of fashion. However, the difference is in the slogans and self-expression statements. I have a number of them in my wardrobe from designer ones like Gucci and Isabel Marant to the 10$ Spice Girl and I really am so fond of all of them! They became my ‘comfort zone’ piece for any of my outfits!

During summer days I wore them with denim skirts, shorts and even at the beach – there are so many cool and stylish combinations that you can make out of it. During colder days think of them layered under a blazer or a chunky cardigan. They add such a cool touch to any outfit!

There are so many t-shirts and collections from fashion designers to low budget ones, with different kind of slogans so you can find any suitable choice for yourself. My advice is to wear a t-shirt with a slogan with almost anything- from heels to trainers, skinny jeans or pants, skirt and shorts, blazers and coats just keep the styling simple!

  nicole ballardini - nickyinsideout - statement t-shirt - spice girls - mums handmade   nicole ballardini - nickyinsideout - statement t-shirt - gucci t-shirt   I think the trend is not over yet and it’s still a good move to invest in a designer one. But if you prefer a lower budget I’ve linked many more below 100€ and 50€. These are more of my favourite ones:   SaveSave
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Happy New Year Everyone!

We are back in the first working week of the year and we are already bringing lots of news! The first big change was my new Instagram handle into my real name @nicoleballardini. I felt it was long due, and what better moment than January 1st as a new beginning? My blog name will remain the same for many reasons but there is another big news! We are working on starting my YouTube channel! Also, you can find two new shopping pages here on the blog to always keep updated with my looks and my entire closet: ‘Shop My Instagram‘ and ‘Shop My Wardrobe‘.

But now let’s get into the first shopping post of 2018! Let’s talk about one of my favourite things: shoes! Trainers in particular!

I am a shoe girl- that is one of my many weaknesses. By now you probably know that my favourite and mostly worn from all shoes are trainers. I just love to wear them with any kind of outfit. Trainers always add a cool and stylish touch to any look and yes, they are much more comfortable then heels when you are a mom.

You can pair trainers well with basically everything – I wear them with jeans, a dress, skirts even suits or coats. It doesn’t really matter which season it is, they are a must-have anytime!

Sometimes I like to keep up with new sneakers trends but my closet never misses all the classics.

The most important element is the good and comfy feeling no matter which outfit I am wearing – trainers are not for every occasion surely, but I love to wear them as much as I can because they make me feel comfortable and they add a special touch to my outfits.

I’m sharing with you 5 of the best trainers I own and also, the next ones I am going to buy!

NIKE W AIR MAX 97 nike air max 97 - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - balenciaga bazar - gucci belt - trainers  
  REEBOK CLASSICS   reebok classic - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - trainers   SaveSave SaveSave
  VANS OLD SKOOL IN BLACK   vans old skool black - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - trainers    
  COMME DES GARCONS PLAY – ALL STARS HIGH TOP CONVERSE   comme des garcons play - converse high top all stars - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - trainers  
  GUCCI ACE:   gucci ace - samsoe & samsoe - nickyinsideout - nicole ballardini - trainers  
  High on my wish list are the Balenciaga Triple S trainers in this light colour! I would have had them already if they were not sold out everywhere already (sigh!) So let me know if you see them available anywhere 😉  
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