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I am back in Amsterdam for a few weeks before my next trip to Italy, after spending the most amazing and fun weekend in Paris with OtterBox together with my bestie Lorna and another dozen of fellow lovely bloggers.


I’ve been working with OtterBox for almost a year now and I was very excited to finally meet the marketing team in person and they proved to be even more lovely! I was so proud to find this out since it’s really important to me to truly love the products and company I suggest you guys. It’s part of my integrity and will always be a fundamental part of my work ethic in my blogging career.

OtterBox took us to Paris for their Symmetry Street event. It took place at Le Pavillon des Canaux. You must take a look at it, in case you missed my Instagram Stories.. People having brunch in a bath tub, my Chanel blending in a completely red room or groups hanging out in a baby-room-look-a-like bed.. It was the craziest and cutest location ever to host a party.


The Symmetry Street event was all about street style and street art! Star of the day was the artist Raphael Federici creating and showcasing his charm artwork on a wall made of phone cases (how cool is that!). Everyone could enjoy themselves getting creative decorating their own case or just sipping a drink by the river. Guess what was my choice! 😉

It was the perfect Sunday in Paris with the most wonderful company.


Inside Out the Looks:


Sweater: PRETTYLITTLETHING | Skirt: MISSPAP | Necklaces: Mantra | Bag: Hermes from Designer Vintage| Sunglasses: Celine | Shoes: Converse


Skirt: WON HUNDRED | Shirt: HM | Jacket: Levi’s Vintage | Necklaces: Mantra | Bag: Chanel from Designer Vintage | Shoes: Converse

Created in collaboration with OtterBox. Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography LornaLuxe, Guillaume Laundry and myself.


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If you are reading this post, you probably are a blog reader (obviously) and Instagram user, hence familiar with the biggest trends of the moment: bell sleeves and ruffles, accompanied by freyed hem denim and slippers.


There is no doubt I love trying and enjoying seasonal trends and share it with you and is even more clear, when you walk around shopping windows or surf any fashion website, the abundance of options you come across to re-create this look.

The good thing of wearing seasonal trends, is absolutely the budget options that you can find out there! Exactly, you don’t need to splash the cash! Try this!!

After spending the whole day in this outfit yesterday, I came home pretty much satisfied with myself (I am happy when I am pleased with what I am wearing) and collected quite a lot of compliments. It’s maybe not the most comfortable skirt to cycle around Amsterdam or the most convenient shirt to take notes during my first dutch class or make myself coffee at the office or doing anything related with using my hands.. But it pleased my eyes and made me feel good and stylish.. that sound like a great reason to me!

So today I am going to quote my dutch professor: ‘If you ask why about any grammar rule while studying a new language, you are asking a stupid question!‘.. and I couldn’t think how in the fashion world works exactly the same way!   falltrends2016-fashion-blogger-frayed-hem-jeans-ruffles-sleevesstyle-slippers   falltrends2016-fashion-blogger-frayed-hem-jeans-ruffles-sleevesstyle-slippers   falltrends2016-fashion-blogger-frayed-hem-jeans-ruffles-sleevesstyle-slippers   falltrends2016-fashion-blogger-frayed-hem-jeans-ruffles-sleevesstyle-slippers   falltrends2016-fashion-blogger-frayed-hem-jeans-ruffles-sleevesstyle-slippers   falltrends2016-fashion-blogger-frayed-hem-jeans-ruffles-sleevesstyle-slippers   falltrends2016-fashion-blogger-frayed-hem-jeans-ruffles-sleevesstyle-slippers   falltrends2016-fashion-blogger-frayed-hem-jeans-ruffles-sleevesstyle-slippers

Inside Out the Look:

Shirt: Zaful | Skirt: Zaful | Shoes: Zaful | Top: Zadig & Voltaire | Bag: Lancaster | Sunglasses: Celine

Created in collaboration with Zaful. Story, styling and creative direction my own. Photography Cotton and Cream.


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Inside Out the Look:

T-Shirt: modemusthaves | Jacket: modemusthaves | Denim: Levi’s Vintage | Boots: Clarks | Belt: Gucci | Bag: Chanel from Designer Vintage | Sunglasses: Celine | Watch: Cluse | Choker and necklace: Baublebar


Inside Out the Look:

Dress: Baum und Pferdgarten | Jacket: modemusthave | Boots: Clarks | Bag: Gucci | Bracelets: Lucky Eyes


Inside Out the Look:

T-Shirt: This is Lily | Top: modemusthave | Jeans: Levi’s | Bag: Chanel from Designer Vintage | Shoes: Zara | Leather Jacket: modemusthave | Bracelets: Luckyeyes


Inside Out the Look:

Shirt: Scotch & Soda | Jacket: BLK DNM | Shoes: Clarks | Bag: Hermes from Designer Vintage | Skirt: One Teaspoon  |


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The summer is officially over and fall always brings fresh starts and new beginnings (a bit like starting a new diet on a Monday, but it’s actually happening!)..

The weather still allows us to wear lightweight layers but the colours are already darken up. It’s time to introduce rich tones like burgundy, metallic accents and blazers becomes our best friends.. But this doesn’t mean we have to give up our statement t-shirts, ripped denim, and yellow accessories. Not just yet.  #favouriteseason!!


Who said that back-to-school was only for the kids?

New beginnings and new plans always bring positive energy! A good vibe comes hand-in-hand with new inspiration and for me this i all translating into new projects in the coming months.

Emma started daycare last week and when they say, it’s more emotional for the mother than the child.. Nothing is more true! Good news is that she’s loving it! Not a tear, not sad faces, just an exciting new phase. But someone else is going back to class.. Me! End of this month will bring to the city a new dutch speaker.. ermm, at least I am going to give it a go! Let’s see about this one..

Last but not least, with the ‘duties’ comes the fun too! From next weekend will be all about fashion and fashionista friends! Flight to London booked to spend a long weekend with my bestie Lorna for fashion week then together off to Paris the weekend after! Expect shows, presentations, meetings, shoots, dinner and events!

September is going to be fabulous!

  chanel-designer-vintage-back-to-school-lfw-fall-fashion-publicdesire-dricoper-Xlevis-triwa-thpshop   chanel-designer-vintage-back-to-school-lfw-fall-fashion-publicdesire-dricoper-Xlevis-triwa-thpshop   chanel-designer-vintage-back-to-school-lfw-fall-fashion-publicdesire-dricoper-Xlevis-triwa-thpshop   chanel-designer-vintage-back-to-school-lfw-fall-fashion-publicdesire-dricoper-Xlevis-triwa-thpshop  

Inside Out the Look:

Chanel Bag: Designer Vintage | Shoes: Public Desire | Jeans: Dricoper | T-shirt: Levi’s | Blazer: Zara | Belt: Maje | Watch: Triwa | Rings: THP Shop and H&M

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