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Officially in my 9th month of pregnancy I am about to slow down. With the beginning of my maternity leave and 36 weeks into this adventure my main commitments are the anti natal classes, at least 1 hour of daily exercise, coffee with friends, baby shopping and resting as much as I can.

Today I am dressing my growing baby bump in monochrome non-maternity wear. I bought the pants one size up my regular one and the rest belongs to my wardrobe. I should say thanks to most of my closet being oversized, coming in handy now! Baby was planned.. Maternity wear was not!

Baggy Pants: Stradivarius (here) | Sweater: Each x Other (more here) | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) |

Bag: Celine (more totes on sale here) | Sunglasses: Celine (here on sale!)

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IMG_9985 IMG_9989 IMG_9990 IMG_9991 When I got pregnant I promised myself I would not wear any maternity clothes! First time mom, lifetime fashionista . . What did I know?? I remember a little crisis I had around 20 weeks when I could not fit my beloved leather pants anymore. I admit it kind of felt the end of the world!! I was able to stretch myself into my regular bottoms until the end of the second trimester, then I had to start research for maternity brands, unless I wanted to start leaving the house with my trousers unbuttoned . . Mmmh . . Not a good idea! People might misinterpret me! 😉 After some research I found out they do maternity clothes for a reason! Like these Isabella Oliver joggers, they are more flattering than regular pants on all my growing parts, not to mention they are super comfortable! Personally, I was able to get away with 1 pair of joggers and 3 maternity denims which I plan to reach the due date with and at least the first month or two post pregnancy. My tip is you don’t need much! 4 pieces of maternity pieces are getting me through my 3rd trimester comfortably and stylishly too. If you are not ready to let go of the majority of your wardrobe, like I am, you can still wear all of your tops, shoes and handbags . . The big splurge is on accessories! . . And the cutest baby outfits of course!! More maternity outfit inspo on my instagram @nickyinsideout How did you go through your maternity wardrobe??

Joggers: Isabella Oliver (here) | Shoes: HM (on sale now!) | Shirt: Zara man (try more here) | Cardigan: Zara man (more here)

Sunglasses: Celine (more here) | Bag: Celine (more totes on sale here)

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Photos: Lorna Luxe

I am back on the blog sphere and I have fully embraced maternity wear. . Mine, consisting in maternity bottoms mainly. So far, and currently, trying to squeeze as many outfits of the clothes that I previously own and can still wear comfortably. On top of the list: elastic waistbands and longer tops that have a little give.

But lets step back, when I found out I was pregnant back in November, the idea of a July birth felt years away. Part of it was a good thing – it looked like I had an infinity of time to get ready and come around to the idea that my life would be totally changing. But now that it’s June and I am 6 weeks away, things feel they’ve moved at high speed.

Until lately, I’ve found the most daunting part of this outgrowth to be literally the pregnancy process, and haven’t given much thought to the birth and consequent parenting ‘full time job’. All of the alterations to my body have been so unsettling, at the same time enchanting (I find myself thinking ‘there is a real baby girl inside my bump!!), that they’ve completely distracted me from what’s to come. On Sunday we are going to start the antenatal classes and I am sure everything is going to feel suddenly very real.

I have had a very good pregnancy so far, but working full time didn’t really leave me any extra space for the blog and regular weekly outfit posts. The truth is that I do regret not documenting this pregnancy with more accuracy, but my job didn’t really leave me any spare time which wasn’t used to sleep. A few weeks ago I had a little complication (baby is perfectly fine!) so the doctor ordered me full rest, especially keeping my legs up at least half day every day. So I am left with more time to write!

Now the countdown is on. I have a few weeks left, I still haven’t packed my hospital bag (even if I’ve already picked the first baby outfit!) and I am slowly getting ready. From what I’ve been told, there is only so much you can set up, after which degree you just have to let go and be open to experiencing one of the greatest joy . And I couldn’t be more thrilled !

Top: Gap (more here) | Trench: Joseph (more here) | Maternity denim: Topshop (here) | Kicks: Adidas Stan Smith (here) |

Bag: Celine (here) | Sunglasses: Miu Miu (here)

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