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 Photos by Lorna (LornaLuxe)

With the arrival of winter I had to put away my white culottes but I could not abandon the trend. I spotted these Warehouse ones on Vogue and they had to be mine. I immediately felt in love with the check print, the colour.. and the price tag!! When I style culottes, I like to tack-in the top to highlight the waist. Its a Maje fine knit in this case. It keeps me warm but doesn’t add volume. Finally I wore them with my inseparable biker and jumper on shoulder to maintain a dressed down look.

A way I like them as well is in a more sporty version, with a loose white shirt and kicks.

How do you wear yours??

Inside Out the Look:

Culottes: Warehouse (here) | Shoes: Zara (last winter – more ankle boots here) | Fine knit: Maje (more here) |

Leather Jacket: Maje (more here) | Shoulder knit: Zara (more here) | Bag: Celine (more totes here) |

Sunglasses: Celine (more here)

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Remember my urge of running to dress down anything that comes to my sight?
Still does.
Styling being one of the things I enjoy the most of my blog sphere.. Here is a little story.
I’ve been collaborating with the awesome team of for a sometime now. When they offered me to style this white 100% linen shirt from their menswear department, it was music to my ears.
When the postman delivered the boys item, my brain immediately started to think ultra feminine.
Its a bit like the neighbour’s grass is always greener or the unattainable  urge to always want what you cannot hav e kind of thing..
Having a closet much similar to the Narnia’s one (here the boyfriend would agree and pull a face) I found an item which normally would consider too sexy on my boyish taste, this black corset.
The end of the story is the following mathematical statement: I pick an item from the boys department and I pair it up with an ultra feminine garment, the corset in this case, and I wear it with a trend of the season (in this case the jumper on the shoulder ) and I get a result which I quite like and feel good wearing.
Hope you like it too and can find inspirational to your weekend look!
Don’t forget to let me know!
And don’t forget to enter the discount code NICKYCONFINEDPROMO at the checkout to secure an 10% discount on your first purchase on
The code is valid until February 2015!
Inside Out the Look:

Knit: Sheep of Steel (here), Blanket Coat: Antithesis (here), Shirt: Tobias Clothing [menswear dpt] (here) |


Corset: Mango (more here) | Faux Leather leggings: Zara (here) | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (here) |

Bag: Burberry (more here) |

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The result of mixing sport, performance and style.

I was flattered to be invited to the press presentation of the latest HM collaboration. Not only I knew it was a sure score by the Swedish fast-fashion enterprise (see here the full collection) but also this one really reflects my favourite street style #sportluxe #sportchic #streetwear.. and so she goes. We are talking workout clothes to mix up with our usual urban wardrobe.

The collection controls a city girl style in a mixture of sport and action for a day to night look. It screams coolness in every piece, woman and man, my favourites being the black foam-injected crocodile-patterned sweatshirt and the scuba one embossed with AW branding.

Least but not last the addition of lifestyle objects .. who wouldn’t like to own a pair of actual size boxing gloves hanging on their wall?

Nail some shopping to be done on November the 6th, until then let’s save some penny. This time the price point goes up for a totally worth it performance.. my gym is outdoor!


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I engaged with my favourite python match to give a snack to my collection of basics.

Normcore blues, blacks and greys spirited on the spur of the moment!

Inside Out the Look:

Blazer: Zadig&Voltaire (here or budget here) | Black Cashmere High Neck: All Saints (here) |

Denim: Zadig&Voltaire (try these in grey) | Blucher with Fringes: Zara (here) | Knit: Zara (try this) |

Cabas: Celine (more totes here) | Sunglasses: Celine (more here)

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No urbanite’s closet is accomplished this AW14 without a blanket coat. This throw-on is fleetly giving some rest to my leather biker as the island get cooler. Fond, Easy and now Trendy. I couldn’t not love this trend. My equation is blanket coat plus knit on the shoulders (which is every day resting my winter scarf) and the result needs little more than trusty little black dress, lace ups and a favourite handbag to accomplish the expression.

Use code NICKYCONFINEDPROMO to guarantee 10% off your first order on

Inside Out the Look:

Blanket Coat: Anthitesis on From A Confined Space (here) | Jumper: Sheep Of Steel on From A Confined Space (here) | Dress: Claudie Pierlot (try this) | Shoes: Tod’s (similar here) | Bag: Celine (more here) | Sunglasses: Celine (more here)

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