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The one and only flower piece of my closet! It took me some time to understand if I was going nuts or just risk-taking .. Must have been the black background to catch my attention since it hit the stores. I believe it can work either with total plain black, plain white or denim. Let’s see!!

Short Sleeve Tee: Sandro (here)

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Composed but Approachable. 
Spontaneous, no make up and loose hair, but eating away a frilled D&G shirt and Louboutin sandals of active luxury. 
A tomboy exhaling a girl-like tone. 
Another outfit that reflects my personality, mixed with timeless, informal and trendy pieces. 
True. I dress down everything that comes to my sight. 
And I like it. 
I like realistic apparel for real girls and their real spirit.

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (try also the espadrilles here) | Boyfriend Jeans: Gap (here) | Shirt: D&G (try this) | Denim Jacket: Acne Studios (here) | Bag: Louis Vuitton (here) | Sunglasses: Balenciaga (similar here)

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