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Photos by Helen

Just before Christmas I met up with Helen author of the blog Boho Tailor – We met in Mayfair during my lunch break and rather then food we preferred photo shooting! My dear friend Lorna – Lornaluxe – already told me how great Helen was, in fact it could be no wrong! Helen was great, lovely personality and very talented photographer – you can see it yourself on her blog section Boho behind the Lens. And thinking of Helen now, as long as I love layering, and enjoyed wearing this outfit, I would rather be with her enjoying the sun in Bondi beach in a tank top..

Inside Out the Look:

Sweater: Zara (similar here) | Leather shorts: .Object Collectors Items (more here) |

Coat: Isabel Marant x HM (similar on sale here) | Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood (more on sale here) |

Sunglasses: Celine Audrey (here)

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